UNDER THE PLEDGE OF SECRECY – Black Hole Mass Evolution

German extreme metal band Under The Pledge Of Secrecy combines various genres from death metal, hardcore, grindcore and black metal but with their own creative and stylistic approach. With this full-length released independently these Germans take their inspiration for metal music and have submerged into the heaviest, menacing and experimental albums that came out in 2014. Musically and progressively speaking the instrumentation work on here is very fluent as there’s no repetitiveness within the album’s presentation nor generic sounding. This album is also magnificently produced as the tracks bring out a chaotic, apocalyptic and destructive energies are well utilized.

From eerie guitar work, lumbering paces of headbanging worthy drums and intense vocals Black Hole Mass Evolution is filled with rage, beautiful harmonics and descriptive songwriting it almost feels you’re listening to a orchestrated video game soundtrack specifically God Of War as the lyrics discusses Greek Mythology. The sense of brooding aggression, deep turmoils and rebellious strikes that punches you into a universe where the dependencies and summoned progressions unleash a path to set fourth and conquer anything in its own diabolical path. This is a album opening up a portal to the Gates Of Hell leaving you speechless, scared and hanging a rope down your neck to swallow you whole as these German’s take their passionate musicianship and influencing variations of Extreme music is surely worth the time and effort to discover a well experimented album.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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