BLOODSHOT DAWN – Reanimation

United Kingdom’s technical death metallers Bloodshot Dawn have been a band I have been following ever since they dropped 2014’s sophomore effort Demons, which was a phenomenal record and a highlight of that year. Four years later we have lineup changes and a brand new album on the horizon titled Reanimation. Musically, Reanimation is definitely a much more progressive and matured album as they’ve continued to bring the technicality structures from Demons and incorporated some melodic death metal counterparts making the album extremely diverse and highly enjoyable upon listening to it. Lyrically, the album concentrates on death, war and violence but I noticed they’ve seemed to continued that route where Demons left off but with Reanimation is simply put, a unique work of art.

Songs such as Survival Evolved and Reanimation brings out some Gothenburg style melodies specifically Scar Symmetry as both the lead and rhythm guitar work brings out many dynamics to the table while the drums, bass and singing tends to have a Arch Enemy meets Arsis vibe with added speed which is truly magnificent in my honest opinion. Reanimation isn’t just your typical technical/melodic death metal record, no sir, Reanimation is Bloodshot Dawn’s own creative way to take their inspirations way back to late 90’s/early 2000’s of melodeath along the realms of Dark Tranquillity and Soilwork. From beautiful solos, blistering combinations of pummeling barrage of chaotic drums and versatile vocal deliverances, Bloodshot Dawn’s Reanimation paves the way for the modern day technical/melodic death metal and is an absolute blast listening to if you’re fans of their previous work!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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