DYSMORFECTOMY – Hypothermal Dissection

From the depths of Carhaix Plouguer, France, Dysmorfectomy is a one man brutal death metal band formed in 2015 and has been getting some popularity through Slam Worldwide as this project is back with the sophomore album titled Hypothermal Dissection. Released on June 30th through Reality Fade Records, the album consists of 10 vicious songs and clocking in around 30:00. What I like about this album is the gruesome track titles and incorporating technical/visceral ingredients for extreme metal is beyond incredible to my own ears. From its upgraded tempo changes, consistent measures of hypertensive instruments and appropriate leads of impressive songwriting, Hypothermal Dissection takes the toll to create a symbolic and dangerous devastation that’s not only complimenting Anthony Guern’s musical talents who’s the man responsible for this project but his understandings philosophy and organic displays are a insanely enjoyable.

I would say take the songs anywhere from Perversion of Corpses, Intracranial Excavation, Heap Of Frozen Limbs and Crushed Ice of Human Flesh is a elaborate structure with tempo changes, breakdowns, and vocals ranging from standard death growls to low-pitched harmonized squealing. But the novelty for Hypothermal Dissection feels completely natural while not overly straying too far from the brutal death metal formula. This is an album that will take time and patience to get a sense where the album takes its toll.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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