MAL – Forma Vil

Released through Vicious Instinct Records, MAL are a extreme metal band that was formed by Lyn Jeffs of Ingested and Nico Beninato over at Kimera Recordings to unleash this brand new project and given us the first official EP release on the label known as Forma Vil. Mal’s music style is taking wide branches of deathcore, brutal deathcore, death metal and slam featuring 6 devastating, powerful and pummeling tracks of contemporary and extreme metal goodies. This EP also some well known and regarded guests including Monte Barnard, Lukas Swiaczny and Vance Valenzuela which all given the opportunity to participate and display their finest craft to express themselves not only as crafted musicians but to portray and bring out best of both worlds.

Forma Vil features unique compositions, technical abilities and a massive momentum shift to lead onto a contemporary approach while maintaining the naturalistic song variations, polished production, matured songwriting and a continuation that’s undeniably straightforward where the deathcore influences have been stripped a tad bit and borrowing track elements of various artists including Defleshed & Gutted, Gamma Sector, Before The Harvest, Splatterpuss and We Are Obscurity. Tracks anywhere from I Won’t Kneel, Hateful Strings and Belligerent have accompanied to construct and create massive amounts of mentality which musically, atmospherically and lyrically proven that MAL are along the way to create their most distinguished and polished albums they’ve done to date.

From the experimented programming, progressive guitar leads, astonishingly beautiful drumming arrangements and department so masterfully mixed, this album also captured and demonstrated songs more mid paced without any forces of competitiveness. All in all, Forma Vil has definitely caught me by a instant surprise displaying the band’s heaviest material to date and has contributed their intelligence for extreme metal to be highly enjoyable experience. If you’re a fan of deathcore, brutal death metal or metal as a whole, then Forma Vil is a massive improvement which shows the next evolution onto new branches and heights.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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