ColdWorld is a one man Atmospheric black metal/ambient project formed in 2005 from Germany and are back with the latest album through Cold Dimensions titled Autumn that was released on July 15th, 2016. From lyricism consisting of Misanthropy, Suicide, Loneliness, and Winter, Autumn is perhaps ColdWorld’s best material to date. Georg Börner the mastermind, lyricist, songwriter and producer of this project not only created a album that’s heavily concentrated on atmosphere, desolation, isolation and lush orchestral pieces of music it’s a subgenre of black metal that does take a lot of patience and understandings to appreciate greater value for the album’s harmonic and depressive sound.

From standardized guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, synthesized choirs and orchestras Autumn also incorporates components of bone chilling atmospheres so shivering down your spine that in my honest opinion I wasn’t really hooked first time I heard Autumn but I came to realized this is a artistic and very well intelligent painting that made me appreciate it the more I gave it multiple hearings.

Another pinpointing marks to give for the album’s creativity is the influences being borrowed from raw Black Metal signatures, clean singing, rapid-fire blast beats and relaxed, meditated blackgaze territories of attractiveness and calmness while maintaining such disturbances of menacing aggression. While this isn’t a perfect album by all means necessary ColdWorld’s Autumn promises to keep atmospheric black metal and Ambient progressions richly layered at its finest. It does take time to appreciate the great wonders for ColdWorld’s Autumn but you’ll be amazed how cold, raw and isolated this truly is to hear a great release.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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