German side project known as The Ruins Of Beverast plays a unique blend of atmospheric black and doom metal with lyricism consists of anti-Christainity, death, wars and esotericism. Four years later we get the latest chapter from Alexander Frohn the mastermind behind the lyrics, instrumentals and created what appears to be a beautifully arranged album that will definitely be highlighted as a memorable piece of music generations to come. Exuvia clocks in roughly one hour and seven minutes long consisting of 6 astonishing tracks featuring atmospheric guitar passages, doom inspired hooks, dark and ministered musical greatness and a production so crisp that each of the instrumental counterparts represented here portrays a natural identity. Steady drum beats, soul-crushing riffage, black metal melodies and Native American instrumentation work brings Exuvia a wonderful attention for Alexander von Meilenwald’s masterful creation to date.

Musically Exuvia combines death growls, echoed whispers of brooding atmosphere, traditional tremolo picking, huge variations of experimented craftsmanship and unadulterated black metal signatures are undoubtedly wonderful start to finish. Even the moment you hear the luxurious track Takitum Tootem! (Trance) which incorporates cleaner guitar tones, tortured vocal aesthetics, Native American chanting and beautifully arranged musicality Exuvia brings out atmospheric black/doom metal to such great heights. For a one man project from Germany who utilizes multiple genres to hear such diversity is beyond incredible because this is surely worth the album you can feel, sense and listen to every emotion displayed on Exuvia. For fans of Blut Aus Nord, Lurker Of Chalice and Esoteric, Exuvia is an absolute recommendation.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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