ANTROPOFAGUS – M.O.R.T.E. (Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration)

Formed in 1997 from Genoa, Ligury Italy, Antropofagus are a Italian Brutal Death Metal band who plays a combination of Anti-religious, Anti-Christianity, Hatred, Technical and Splattered sections of Brutal Death Metal. Released on May 12th, 2017 through Comatose Music Antropofagus’s Methods of Resurrection through Evisceration (M.O.R.T.E.) consists of 10 tracks and clocks in around 36:00 in duration. What’s interesting about this album is Methods of Resurrection through Evisceration combines a persuasion so gory, twisted and with the instrumentation from hefty guitar licks, sweeping bass tones, visceral blast beats and vocals bringing out naturalist sensations possible which furthermore demonstrates the huge musicality presented here.

Tracks such as The Abyss (Chapter One), Chants for Abyzou, Deception of the Blood and Omnipotent Annihilation borrows elements from Morbid Angel Malevolent Creation Bloodbath and Deicide which features raw, transitioned, transmitted and innovative complimented musical attributions which later transcends into a spiraling universe of unrelenting passages causing destruction each song utilizes here. Production wise is very thick, fluent and massive throughout the variations these tracks bring out the finest rhythmical patterns possible to the album. The album also creates unadulterated fuses of established, powerful and differentiating realms that sentenced a sonic catatonic wave surrounding the atmosphere which then the album’s biggest foundation displays talented chemistry work and not to mention the creativity of songwriting, crafted instrumentals and semi-technical variances may over saturate the album’s enjoyment. But overall, Antropofagus’s Methods of Resurrection through Evisceration not only is a fresh intake for the Brutal Death Metal community but this Italian extreme metal outfit are surely keeping an eye on for formulating, customizing and invested purchase to reassure this band among many artists in the metal community are upon a recommended listen.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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