BALANCE OF TERROR – World Laboratory

France may be a romantic getaway destination for all your heart desires but once you step foot into France’s brutal death/grindcore prodigies Balance Of Terror with World Laboratory you’re gonna be strapped into a menacing, hatred and brutalized style of extreme metal. Borrowing musical influences from Napalm Death, Deeds Of Flesh, Rotten Sound, Cannibal Corpse and Lock Up, World Laboratory introduces heavily slow, atmospheric and self-efficient grindcore inspired guitars with blast beating drums, classical death metal-esque of gory, pig squealing and insane low to high screams is something that I wasn’t hooked on at first upon listening to the album but now it’s extremely appreciative.

Lyrically, World Laboratory concentrates on misanthropy, human cruelty, selfishness, society and failure of evolution as the songwriting here is well written aforementioned blowing energetic presences of agitated death metal assaults. The mixing of old and current influences works perfectly well to destroy, tear, frightened and treating your ears of 30 minutes causing horrendous dosages of heavy riffage is a balls to the wall goodness. There’s hint of slam, groove, progression and everything you wished in a grindcore album will fit perfectly at home as these French musicians worked incredibly hard to create a stellar, stylistic and creative debut material that’ll give you fine taste tests to appreciate the everlasting quality from World Laboratory.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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