ABATED MASS OF FLESH – Eternal Harvest

Everyone has those bands that they sleep on, and finally listen to, and really enjoy. One of those bands for me is Abated Mass of Flesh. Hailing from Tennessee, this brutal death metal band’s 2017 release, “Eternal Harvest”, is a demonstration in not only how to make great brutal music, but also how to make a major impact in only 22 minutes. “Premonitions of the Infected” kicks this one off, and sets up the riffs and chugging that populates this album. “Drowning Beneath” follows up, and slows the pace down a bit to create some mischief welcome variation. Besides the great guitar work, Matthew Plunkett’s vocals shouldn’t be ignored, and the layered lows and highs sound great.

“The Longest Thorn” is a bit more deathcore sounding, and features plenty of high vocals at least at the beginning, before ending with some brutal slams. This is followed up violently by “Violence”, which kicks this off very intensely, and stays chuggy and very heavy throughout. “Caverns”, which features Sammy Slamdance, follows this up. This song has a very evil feel to it, and is one of the best written on the whole album. “Avulsion” is an interlude, and really isn’t needed on a release this short, but for what it’s worth, it’s a solid track that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and it leads in pretty well to “Deathcrusher” which continues the trend of well written riffs, awesome vocals, and overall brutality. We end on “Descending Upon the Deceased”. The opening riff here is really solid, and this track features very low vocals, and is an extremely heavy note to end the release on. Fans of this style should rejoice, Abated Mass of Flesh have crafted a very solid release. The production sounds good, but not too clean, and the writing is very solid, albeit at times it can feel a bit static. However, for being only 22 minutes long, the band made an impact, and this one should not be missed

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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