ZETA – Binary Enigma

ZeTA is a extreme metal project residing from Ohio, Arizona and Illinois and have released the band’s debut full-length album of Binary Enigma and is self released by the band. Musically, this band incorporates different musical genres anywhere from melodic black, death metal and experimental but also being heavily influenced by the early to mid 90’s Swedish melodic black and death metal bands more notably like Necrophobic well as having American death metal signatures and not to say there’s even video game inspired compositions which is a huge bonus point knowing that I’m a compassionate gamer at heart.

Their style and formula well as approach into making this album is well structured and balanced that this record is full of immense talent, imagination and artistic directions that the band explored many different components and conditions to feature parallel and uncompromisingly heavy tonalities which these tracks feel as original and have a personal identity behind the lyrics. Not to say the craftsmanship and display these members contributed themselves into writing a soul-searching and a provoking, yet extraterrestrial reality themed album that you truly feel they’ve embraced their visionaries to really feel the listener be intertwined within the contents of this album’s moodiness and atmosphere.

I will say songs such as Traversing The Void, Suspended Colossus and Weight Of Disclosure heavily focuses on atmospheric passages and heavy melodic black metal styled guitar melodies while the vocals, bass, synth lines and bass are all audible and give it a nice progression to keep the tempos flexible as possible. There’s even moments where they do contain some Scandinavian melodic death metal soundscapes that reminded me quite a bit of Dark Tranquillity and Gates Of Ishtar for it’s groove laden layers and the distant, yet dismantling patterns of the drums give it a directive feel to give the heaviness and experimentation a great sense of delivery. Binary Enigma is a fascinating and wonderfully designed album that portrays the encounters of documented spices of aliens and if you’re a fan of experimentalism all around definitely give this record a shot.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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