What do you get when you combine members of Shadow of Intent, Slaughter to Prevail, Acrania, and Within Destruction? The answer is Hollow Prophet, whose debut EP dropped at the end of last month. With some serious star power in the underground scene, just how exactly did this turn out? “Infernal Cleansing” opens up with a face ripping intro, with every member going at 110% to make it heavy. This song sets the tone for the record, its heavy, distinctly deathcore, and has chugging, but doesn’t rely on it. “Black Communion” follows this up, and while it doesn’t offer much, it does a good job complimenting the previous track, and keeping the ball rolling. Next is “Deluded Dominion” and this song changes things up slightly.

Instead of relying on sheer heaviness, the band opts to add a sense of darkness to this song, making it a real stand out from the previous two. “Conjuring of Impurity” ends this short EP with a very fast paced opening, before continuing the dark tone introduced in the previous track. This is a very solid end to the EP. This is good. It’s nothing brand new or anything like that, but for very heavy deathcore, Hollow Prophet are a strong band, if this EP is anything to go by.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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