INFERI – Vile Genesis

There’s been hundreds, if not thousands of fantastic bands within the technical and melodic death metal spectrum that have been a huge name for themselves. Inferi are a band who are one of the most well known artists in the scene who established themselves on the technical death metal scene to create a sound so versatile, commendable, intelligent and amazing quality releases overtime. Now, I can’t say much about the band’s history but what I can say is Inferi are a top notch band who takes heavy influences anywhere from The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, Arsis, Beyond Creation, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Faceless and Enfold Darkness to name a few as their style for creating technical and melodic death metal so spectacular, so mesmerizing and so precise that I truly feel Inferi are on their way to be a legendary band for aeons to come.

Vile Genesis is the first full-length album to feature vocalist Stevie Boiser who’s also the frontman for international based technical death metal band Equipoise and for a debut album like Vile Genesis, his vocal range and versatility is so assaulted, so well presented and bringing the enjoyment and pleasure on the album is surely worth every investment front to back. Released on The Artisan Era, Vile Genesis is the sixth album and last time we heard anything full-length wise was 2018’s Revenant which marked newer heights for the band as it felt more darkened, more cohesive and energetic of a album but for the band’s exploration and experimental side in combing elements of symphonic death metal, melodic death metal and some blackened influences in the mix, Vile Genesis is the strongest, most matured sounding and unadulterated sounding albums the band has done to date.

Lyrically, this album has a lot of references from HP Lovecraft, fantasy driven stories and even Cosmic Horror in which this case, this record proves so much more than just intelligent songwriting but the detail, craftsmanship and signatures this band brought to life is so unique, creative and it brought restoration to the band’s best and most upfront music to date. Taking songs such as Mesmeric Horror, No Gods But Our Flesh, Heirs of the Descent and From Exile to Exaltation I noticed there’s also some indications that some of the lyrics are also based off a popular anime show called Full Metal Alchemist and if you read the lyrics to understand the conceptual stories it brings on those tracks then rest assure you’ll know what I’m referring to. But what strikes me the most about this album in particular they have contributed themselves to combine various elements from technical, melodic, and symphonic arrangements to create a hellishly brutal yet heavenly melodic sound that is just out of bounds. Everything from the atmosphere, lyricism, songwriting and musicianship is outstanding. The speed and intensity of Inferi really shows through with mind-splitting solos, intensely solid blasts, and ridiculously melodic phrases pulverizes the astonishing signatures and production flowing through the album’s presentation is magnificent. Vile Genesis have reexamined and improved their formula and have put out easily their best work to date.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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