DYSCARNATE – With All Their Might

As the death metal genre evolves, more bands come out of the woodwork to take the genre in the direction of their choice, with varying levels of success. Dyscarnate, based out of the United Kingdom, have taken the genre, and their sound is one not to be missed. With their third album, “With All Their Might”, shows them grow fully into the band they are, and release a must-listen for any fans of the genre. “Of Mice and Mountains” kicks off this album with a bang. The heavy opening riff combined with a solid drum track make this a great opening. The vocals on here are also very well done. “This Fire” is the follow up song, and continues the pattern of nice riff and hard-hitting writing. The writing on here is very strong, and has pace variations that are very well done. Up next is “Iron Strengthens Iron”, and the intro to this is very heavy, before launching into a song with some melodic death metal influence. The writing on here is very solid, especially when it comes to the guitar work.

“Traitors in the Palace” has a slow build up before launching into a song that combines an epic feel and a dark tone. The melodeath influence is still here, and does a great job showing a slightly different side to these guys’ sound. This is followed up by “To End All Flesh Before Me”, which starts off very heavy, and continues the trend of songs with very solid writing. While this song is heavy, it feels more toned down than the previous ones. “Backbreaker” is up next, and this track is very heavy. This song is very fast, has nice riffs, solid drums, and overall feels like a fantastic death metal song. Up next is “All the Devils Are Here” has a very nice opening guitar. This one is another fast-paced song with solid writing all around, and even brings back the dark tone at the end. This album ends with “Nothing Seems Right”, which begins with an ambient intro, before launching into the seven-minute-long monster of a track.

This song, despite being a longer song, fills up the time perfectly and ends this album on a very high note. This album is great. If you like extreme metal in any form, this is a must-listen. If there is one thing to complain about, the album can get a little same-y, however, the material is solid enough that variety doesn’t matter too much, and with the album being only 39 minutes, it doesn’t get stale at all. Overall, this album is one that metal fans shouldn’t miss, despite many people probably sleeping on them.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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