BURIAL IN THE SKY – The Consumed Self

The modern era of technical death metal is usually a hit or miss from extreme metal fans. Coming from someone like me who’s been a compassionate listener of the genre for over a decade or so ago, I’ve really seem to get fascinated and sucked in with how many great artists in the community has grown in such a period of time. Burial In The Sky, a upcoming technical/progressive death metal band from Pennsylvania been around in the scene for well over eight years and have seem to be pumping out fine material as a band since the band’s formation started in 2013. The last offering we’ve heard from this band was around 2018 with the sophomore full-length recording of Creatio et Hominus, which took the band to greater heights experimenting different hybrids and musical layers to showcase the listener how much they love their music extreme, dynamic and consistent.

Now, in 2021 they’ve signed with a brand new label through Rising Nemesis Records and the third offering in the band’s catalog titled The Consumed Self. Musically, they combine elements of technical death, progressive death and even some jazz inspired melodies which gives the album’s production and songwriting a much more balanced, cohesive and contemporary sound which seemingly enough many bands in the veins of technical death metal are always known for its sonically driven speed, fast blast beat fillers and sporadic vocal patterns but what sets apart listening to this album is the band’s experimentation and delivery providing such brilliant atmospheric passages allowing the album to continuously bring such a unique and prominent approach while maintaining the formula and soundscapes on past releases to be as sharp and entertaining.

Songs such as On Wings of Providence, Anatomy of Us, Wayfarer and An Orphaned City almost reminded me of a combination between Decrepit Birth, Rivers Of Nilhil, Inanimate Existence and Virvum as I feel the songs bring character, sense of emotion and heaviness as I feel they’re not overly technical to the point the instrumentals are just as phenomenal, precise and diverse where the guitars, drums, bass, vocals and synth-based work from the keys and wonderfully crafted saxophone samples are used appropriately without drowning itself out to be expired. Even later half of the album not only you get the amazing proficiencies and musicianship feeling stronger and powerful than past Burial In The Sky releases, but not to mentioned this album also introduces the listener to some Mandolin arrangements as I feel it brings out a folky, very Scandinavian inspired compositions where I feel it truly shines just hearing how audible and crystal clear the members were able to give that sense of happiness and enjoyment really sets apart on this album front to back. The Consumed Self is a 57 minute blissful album showcasing the most consistent, atmospheric and engaging technical death metal albums that you’ll hear in 2021.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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