DRAGONFORCE – Reaching Into Infinity

Known for their high-speed guitar duals, quick pitched harmonics, heroic backup choruses and fantasy driven inspired lyricism it’s no secret that England’s own Dragonforce are one of the most well known Power Metal bands coming out of the genre. Reaching Into Infinity is the continuation to 2014’s Maximum Overload but has the band involved to a more matured artist or is the music still the same fans get burnt on? Musically and truthfully speaking this particular record is an absolute mental paradox record which became the most successful, accomplished and worldwide power metal deliverance has done. Perhaps the biggest highlights this album has are the glorious and awe-inspiring music. Producing seven full length breathtaking albums, guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman described the vary nature of their own respective behaviors.

The production, lyricism, atmosphere and progressions is a embodiment pleasure which is extremely delineated despite how crafted their music essentially is front to back. Vocally, Marc Hudson’s singing may not be noticeably more practiced, but his extreme differences in comparison to “The Power Within” his first ever deliverance to Dragonforce became more natural comfortable position. From the band’s cleanest, diverse and in retrospective views, these pleasant tracks bring presentable depths onto natural contemplations and they’ve combined new faces of their promising products despite the well common and recognized experiences surely unleashes the right direction. These fantastic arrangements and dreamscapes fit naturally and is much more confidential which this time around can become overwhelming at numerous tries but this is a massive improvement over Maximum Overload lyrically, atmospherically and progressively. If you’re a Dragonforce fan and want well experimented and diverse albums this is definitely up your alley!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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