BORN OF OSIRIS – The Simulation

Born Of Osiris is an extreme metal band formed in 2003 from Palatine, Illinois, that combines elements of deathcore, progressive metal, djent and very little traces of technical death in the mixture. I have been into Born Of Osiris since 2011’s The Discovery and this very day, it’s one of my favorite albums in the genre and considered to be a fan favorite among their discography. Now fast forward to 2019, we have the next chapter into the band’s career with The Simulation released through Sumerian Records. Musically, you’ll get the traditional Born Of Osiris sound bringing a Symphony X reminiscent of symphonic keyboard, dark choirs, very well polished guitars and precise harmonies.

Then with other great tracks including Cycles Of Tragedy, The Accursed and Analogs In The Cell with memorable riffs, distinctive flavors of splendid instruments including a kick ass breakdown towards the end with natural layered keyboard programming signatures just immerses the structured songwriting. This album picked off right after Soul Sphere ended and rest assure, they’ve brought creativity, ultra technical- prog brutality and embracing its style without any sort of boundaries.

Eerie synthesizers, monstrous power chord progressions, thrashy riffs, blast beat drumming and a unique brazenly deathcore, industrial and modern electronic music incorporates while they’ve used the natural compositions create atmospheric elements but take step further adding ultrasound tempo and elevation of complex, modern edges keeps the gloriously, rhythmical and musical scrambles the digitized technological traditional differences which expanded their sound to dark, mysterious and chaotic places where the bass, drums and guitar setup can simultaneously approach brand new heights of metal. It literally concentrates the syncopated rhythms, aggressive Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah and Fear Factory-esque vocals and deploy experimentation of the brightest quintessential contemplating acts of any formulated extreme metal keeping a sealed tight edge from a sense of soothingly flows. Regardless, The Simulation doesn’t overstate its welcome, but it will surely please any longtime fans well as welcoming the newcomers who aren’t familiar with the music.

Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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