I’ve seen many people discussing how well praised, anticipated and received Lingua Ignota‘s Caligula has gotten and my first impressions upon hearing this album was simply put, wonderfully composed, magnificent and one of the most surprising albums of 2019 I’ve heard all year long. The album is done by Kristin Hayter, and herself as a vocalist, storyteller, composer creating such audial visions discussing many themes on this unparalleled sonic plane musical journey is captivating, natural, artistic, and showcasing her most ambitious work to date. Keep in mind I listened to this release from completely out of nowhere not knowing what the music represented and my goodness, did my expectations became something.

She embodied and built her own imaginative world in what the music can be described as contemporary, modern, unflinching, raw, agonizing, and chilling start to finish. The moments you hear Kristin’s performances on the tracks such as FAITHFUL SERVANT FRIEND OF CHRIST, IF THE POISON WON’T TAKE YOU MY DOGS WILL, SPITE ALONE HOLDS ME ALOFT and what appears to be my favorite track on the entire album being MAY FAILURE BE YOUR NOOSE, Caligula is a album portraying violence, darkness, vengeance, unapologetic and personal broader themes that really sets the boundaries sky high where each commentating on these songs brings a industrial, power electronic, and experimental approach gives this album a multi-layered epic proportions that gives voice and space to that which has been silenced and cut out.

This is an exquisite album that captures Kristin’s musical talent, songwriting, visceral levels of glorious, violent, traumatic, and cursory glances to reveal how Kristin Hayter’s Caligula brings out the most harrowing, overwhelming, cathartic, and terrifying releases of 2019 and Profound Lore Records have surely but steadily shot themselves to the stratosphere of how this release is a grand declaration that’ll be discussed many years and generations to come.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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