AMON AMARTH – Jomsviking

Ten studio albums, 24 years as a band and continuing to bring melodic death metal together, Swedish act Amon Amarth have returned after following up to 2013’s Deceiver Of The Gods. Jomsviking is their tenth full-length 2016 Metal Blade Records release and their first conceptual record. Over 53:00 in duration and eleven top notch tracks, Jomsviking took Amon Amarth’s traditional melodic death metal sounding and have contributed some natural elements onto folk metal and a narrative presentation record still retaining Amon Amarth’s glorified melodic death elements on past records. From start, Amon Amarth certainly know their well way around the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene by unleashing finery melodic riffs, hummable dynamic riffings, alternating and triumphant full-speed and thrashy paced frenzies and impressive adopting signature-esque glorified crunch patterns are a creative force driving blend of death, folk and melodic death metal displays continually to shift mechanical, injected varieties and showcases prominent selective tracks which wraps Jomsviking a nice presentable attempt.

While Jomsviking maintain to stick to the band’s thick-and-thin musical compositions, Jomsviking generates stronger emphasis on intelligent themes, organic tendencies of drumming, bass and guitar and Johan’s visceral guttural vocal deliverance are an absorbing rich history which nevertheless showed a new evolution. Jomsviking also proved Amon Amarth can still maintain consistency, contrast, heroic and adventurous territory and stylistically, musically and atmospherically, Jomsviking ultimately brings natural characteristics into the same general format with 2006’s With Oden By Our Side, 2008’s Twilight Of The Thunder Gods and 2011’s Surtur Rising, Jomsviking is an valuable, ambitious and exhilarating album that promises to rotate and create heavier melodic death, folk and viking/Norse mythology lyrics into a nice progression.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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