HEMOTOXIN – Restructure The Molded Mind

If Death, Obscura and Atheist were to create the ultimate lifeform of death metal with hints of traditional heavy metal, technical, progressive and old school thrown into the mix you get Bay Area’s Hemotoxin. Released through Unspeakable Axe Records, Hemotoxin are a new band I’ve discovered awhile back which honestly glad I’ve did because this is seriously good stuff. Musically, imagine Cynic combined elements from Focus with a modern touch of extreme metal and incorporating 50/50 blends of Individual Thought Patterns meets Human with that complex, organic and naturalistic sounding progressive death metal atmosphere and soundscapes, Restructure The Molded Mind is taken the blueprints, formula, and created a foundation that’s not only extremely impressive sounding, but to build upon a vision of talented musicianship being displayed is surely worth the highlight upon listening to this enjoyable record.

From the top notch songwriting, intelligent lyricism, nice bass tones, astonishing guitar melodies and drumming sounding crystal clear within the album’s polished production, this album is otherworldly and from moments you hear solos, tempo sections, blast beats, low to high pitched screams, snare drum sections and explosive signatures that’s just blistering so heavily, these musicians have studied long and hard to share their talent and have taken the musical compositions, components and piled up these tracks so wonderfully well done it almost felt like I traveled back to the mid to late 90’s era of death and thrash just started to get notoriety.

Even the hard hitting songs such as Legion of Alienation, Nihilistic Principle and Execution marks new heights and evolution to bring out such a diverse and well experimented album. Restructure The Molded Mind is innovative, creative, and extremely memorable that has everything fans wanted if you’re looking for different musical structures making the album simply enjoyable front to back this is surely a album you cannot miss or skip out on!


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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