MESHUGGAH – The Violent Sleep Of Reason

Sweden’s extreme metal band Meshuggah have stand above their own ground to create a diverse album ranging all the various genres they’ve created showing this band can progress naturally with their own unique sound without breaking new boundaries. Songs including Born In Dissonance and beginning introduction of Clockworks continuing slow sounding, stark and brooding instruments while the atmosphere is warmer and precise. Then later with tracks including Ivory Tower and Our Rage Won’t Die continues the organic vibe almost a less refined, more raw style like Chaosphere meets ObZen and features a nice melody solo balances monster grooves with bouncy almost outer space improvisational atmosphere. This is definitely a comfortable and extremely confident/presentable release aware of the impact they’ve made throughout the metal community rather than push their Excell sound in any shape or direction.

Not only this particular album has beloved qualities of the musicianship delivering a essentially celebration production with thunderous 8 string guitar tones, dizzying complex arrangements, mechanical drums, oddly riffs and supremely nuanced rhythms are promising and compromising. Since 1995, Meshuggah kept a natural simultaneous entirely approachable the heaviness and permeated influences help continuously made extreme metal standout of differentiating published journeys. There’s also dialed and concentrating complexity something so visceral regardless how the lyrics reflect to process power, virtuosity and outshine their fundamentalism to a widely worldwide trademark of intellectual levels. The Violent Sleep Of Reason is Meshuggah’s finest album to date since Chaosphere as they’ve once again proved themselves to keep technical achievements mainly diversity and sequences written upon all typical formats that alternates Meshuggah’s lumbering grooves with thrashy form singular iterations of excellence and perseverance. They’ve striked all the intricately of the music presented a immediately and properly compelling the catalog easily a recognizable approachability. It’s an experimental Vortex that is a beautiful landscape to us all.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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