BONG – We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been


On a dark, cold and rainy night I decided to stream an album I had never heard of, or given any second thought to listening to. What drew me to them was that their new release had two songs (which totalled 35 and a half minutes between the two songs). Time Regained which is the first of the two tracks is more enchanting and draws you in and given the weather that night fit the tone perfectly in a dark and drone sort of way. The second track; Find Your Own Gods, is more atmospheric then the first

This album is Bong’s fifth album, which should give you a clear indication they know what they are doing. They bring a term ‘stoner metal’ to the table which isnt to ay its incorrect, but more what they think of the term. And boy do they do it well. Even after having streamed the album through their website I find my self coming back and listening to it more and more and if you enjoy the the ‘doom’ or ‘drone’ genre this will be a release you will find interesting


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