A band’s first full length album is always an interesting piece of work. Even if they have some other material built up, seeing what they do with their first big release is always a treat. Minnesota based Graveslave recently released their first full length, “Sick/Nasty”, and while it’s on the shorter side, only about 30 minutes, the material they choose to show off is not only solid, but manages to take both death metal and grind and combine them into an interesting debut full-length. The album opens with “Partially Reassembled, in Utter Disgust”, which has a riff that can best be described as creepy., before launching into a shorter, slower paced death metal song.

The production on here is very solid, but not too good to ruin the gross nature of the music. “Human Fluids (Ooze)” is the next song, and this one starts right off with a riff that is fast and heavy, and leads perfectly into the body of the song itself. The songwriting is tight, and is constantly changing paces to vary the song. Up next is “Slit Throats and Garrote”, which is another faster paced song with some nice riffs, excellent guitar work, and chugging that adds to the heaviness of the song. “Methods of Murder” is the next song, and this one is fast and heavy. The writing continues to be solid, with some solid riffs that really stand out. This song has a dark tone, and while it’s on the shorter end of songs on here, is still another solid track.

“Flesh Elegy” acts as the lead into the next song, and while this one is more of a short interlude, the writing makes it worth the couple minutes of run time. The final song on here is “Wallow in Filth”, and is an almost eight-minute epic finale to this relatively short full-length. This isn’t quite as fast paced as some of the others, but is still just as heavy. The riffs continue to be great, the writing tight, and there is a really nice solo at the end of this song, ending it and this album on a solid note. This is a good album. The death metal and grind influence are done really well, and the production fits the style perfectly. At times, it does feel that a couple of the songs could have time shaved off of their run times, but even that’s not a big problem. If you’re looking to support a small death metal band, this is one to scope out

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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