BEHEADED – Beast Incarnate

2017 for Brutal Death Metal has been quite the specialized ride for extreme music. Meet Beheaded, a Brutal Death Metal band formed in 1991 from Fgura, Malta and play a combination of Supernatural, Visionary, Customary and Chaotic signatures of Brutal Death Metal. Beast Incarnate is the latest addition from this Death Metal outfit and is the follow up to 2012’s Unique Leader Records effort of Never To Dawn. Beast Incarnate is the fifth full-length studio recording and what’s different compared to past albums is Beast Incarnate offers single-handedly brutalized structures, balanced Technical Brutal Death Metal statistics and a atmosphere so engaging it pulls the listener onto a world filled with chaos and catatonic geographical instrumentation that are spastic of relentless aggression.

Released on January 27th, 2017 Beast Incarnate brings out the best of both worlds borrowing Old School Death Metal influences with a formalized, rhythmic and streamlined tempos often showcases a new evolution from this band that we haven’t seen in over two decades. With songs such as Crossing the House of Knives, Punishment of the Grave and Beast Incarnate, the members from Beheaded have not only contributed intelligence within the massive songwriting but also keeping the tempos more mid-paced oriented and protected the interpretations to keep the music naturally flowing. While the album lacks of originality from past albums, Beast Incarnate does bring out constitutional commandments that intercepts a prominence, disruptive and distributing grabbed leads to have the album portraying differential aspects.

Beast Incarnate is a album that not only is average at best but keeps the rotations up to speed with the exception of some flaws here and there. But from it’s stand-alone production, technical/ visceral riffage and diverse complexities, Beast Incarnate is a very good album start to finish for any fans of past releases and Brutal Death Metal altogether.

Overall score: 7.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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