Blackened thrash is one of the best genre hybrids metal has to offer. Both genres have a lot to lend to each other, and when combined, create a really good sound. Nocturnal Graves are a blackened thrash metal band who just released a new album called “Titan”, and album that whole not perfect, shows the strengths of this hybrid very well. “Resistance” is the opening song on the album, and a dark one at that. The production fits the music very well, and the guitar work here is great, especially the solo. “Roar of the Wild” kicks off fast and heavy, and definitely leans more into the black metal side of the band’s sound. Fans of that genre will find a lot to like on this song, and the solos are just icing on the cake.

“Ecdysis, Shredding Weak Flesh” is the next song, and has a pretty good opening riff before launching into the main body of the song. This song is a bit slower paced, and has a softer middle section before picking back up for another good solo. “Soul Tribulation” continues the blackened thrash trend, and while this song doesn’t particularly stand out, it’s still a solid track nonetheless. Up next is “And Hell Followed With Them”, which opens with a very nice lead guitar. There’s some hints of melody on this song, giving it a different vibe than the rest of the songs, despite the dark tone still being present. “Bow Before None” has a slower paced opening, which actually drags a bit. This song takes a bit to find its footing, but once it does, it serves as another good track featuring plenty of good guitar work. “Silence the Martyrs” opens up fast and heavy, and brings out the thrash side of this band. While this song is a bit shorter, the riffs here should not be missed.

The title track, “Titan”, ends this album, and does so on a good note. The opening is a slow build up, before launching into some fast and heavy riffs. While this song doesn’t do anything particularly new, it just continues the solid trend this album has set forth, and ends on a satisfying note. This is a good album. While not every song lives up to its potential, as a package this is a solid outing that fans of both thrash and black metal shouldn’t miss out out.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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