UADA – Cult Of A Dying Sun

Cascadian black metal band Uada have risen up from the grave and created another stellar album that’s already a top contender for records of 2018. After the masterfully crafted debut full-length Devoid of Light released in 2016, Cult Of A Dying Sun has a very similar vibe to Mgla’s Exercise in Futility but it isn’t the same. Musically, they play a style of paganism, nature and darkened branches of black metal with little traces of melodic arrangements within the mixtures. They’ve not only satisfied a genre so consisted, creative and progressive to incorporate naturalistic signature instrumentals but for these musicians to make Black Metal diverse and authentic there’s no denying they’ve taken American Black Metal to a whole new dynamic.

From the soaring vocals, thunderous blast beats, audible guitar riffs and tightened bass tones, Uada’s musical compositions take massive explosive arrangements that penetrates the listener into a spiraling universe containing such astonishing passages and diabolical connections are built upon such wonderful discoveries. Their instrumentation work rely such great foundations for their continuous and inspiring lyrical interpretations bringing atmosphere, power and encouragement written all over this entirety of the album. Their song selections are created not only are concentrated on ravenous thrashing in the scorching up-tempo sections as well as the explosive dynamics, but giving a sense of calculated progressions which therefore balances out expressive and impressive intelligence.

Musically, lyrically, progressively and atmospherically Cult Of A Dying Sun is Uada’s matured, savageness and majestic albums they’ve produced to date. There’s no denying one of the most crafted, symbolic and established black metal albums to ever step foot in the realms of United States black metal and there’s a fine reason why you should hear this masterpiece of a creation.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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