BURIAL INVOCATION Now Streaming “Abiogenesis” In Its Entirety

Abiogenesis, the newest release from Turkey’s Burial Invocation, is now available via Dark Descent Records. To mark the long-awaited return of Burial Invocation, Dark Descent Records is streaming Abiogenesis in full. Listen to one of 2018’s most critically-acclaimed releases at darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/abiogenesis.

Abiogensis is available on vinyl, CD and digital formats. Order the album at the following locations:

“Whatever your thoughts are on death metal as a genre, there’s no questioning the brutality, weight and rhythmic technicality of this massive sounding record.”
– Metal Forces Magazine [9/10]

“There are moments on Abiogenesis that are bar-raising career-defining brilliance. There are others that fall into the category of exemplary death metal. Does Abiogenesis reinvent death metal? No. Of course not. What it does do is pour all the elements that make the genre great into a giant crucible, smelt that shit down and tip that liquid fire straight into your gaping gullet.” – Toilet Ov Hell [4.77/5]


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