BLOODBATH Tease First New Album In Four Years

Legendary death metal band Bloodbath have begun teasing their new album in a new post, hinting that major details could come very soon.

The post states: “The new album is officially DONE and the master is now leaving us and heading to Peaceville! Curious about the artwork? The album title? The song titles? The number of songs on the album? The release date? The formats? The line-up? The sound and production? The fuckin’ legendary featured guests? Watch this space….”

Some interesting things to point out: first off, it appears the lineup on this album will be different than “Grand Morbid Funeral”, considering they specifically point out it out. Secondly, the legendary guests. This seems to suggest there will be multiple extreme metal veterans, something we’ll keep our eye on for.

We are expecting Bloodbath to reveal new information real soon, and will post said info as soon as it goes public.



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