DOPETHRONE Forced To Cancel US Tour

Stoner metal band Dopethrone have been the latest victim of visa issues, forcing them to have to cancel their entire United States tour, including their performance at Psycho Las Vegas.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the band states

“Our US working visas are still not approved yet and most likely won’t until our US tour is supposed to start. We have decided to cancel our complete US tour as a result… We were really looking forward to finally tour the US and share the stage with our sisters and brothers in Crud. Huge thanks to Midnite Collective for booking the tour, Psycho Las Vegas for inviting us, all the promoters for their hard work, and CRUD for accepting to share the stage with us. We are deeply sorry we had to come to this decision so close to the tour. We are very sorry for all the people who were interested in seeing us perform at these shows, we are sorry to let you down.”



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