VAURA Post Update On New Album

It’s been a while since the avant-garde/post-black metal band Vaura has released new material but that’s about to change. The follow-up to The Missing (2013) and their third full-length is finally coming and the mixing stage is set to begin this week. Stay tuned for more details about the new album that will drop via Profound Lore Records.

The band posted recently: “Since we’ve been teasing album news for so long, and since we regularly get messages that begin by asking if we’re still a band, it’s time to announce that our third LP will begin mix sessions next week! The reason we waited almost a year after the tracking sessions to mix is because we’ve been holding out to work with a very special mix engineer, Peter Walsh. Peter has made some of the greatest records of the last several decades: Scott Walker (everything since ‘Climate of Hunter’) Peter Gabriel, Xymox, Simple Minds, The Church, Gene Loves Jezebel, Heaven 17, and more. We’re very excited.”


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