WHITECHAPEL Tease What Seems To Be Another This Is Exile Tour

Whitechapel recently toured the North America recently, performing their album “This Is Exile” in its entirety. Now it seems that the band is going to do another tour playing the full album.

On their social media, the band has posted “Tomorrow….. #round2”, accompanied by what looks like a zoomed in image of a tour poster, which the edge of the Whitchapel logo, and the logo of another band that resembles that of Chelsea Grin.

Assuming that the band just toured the North America, it would seem likely that the tour will be in Europe. With Chelsea Grin touring Europe from in September and October, my speculation is that this tour will begin almost immediately after.

That being said, the official announcement will be out tomorrow, and we will post all news an info as it becomes available.



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