KING’S X Prepare To Work On New Album

King’s X haven’t released an album since 2008’s XV, but drummer Jerry Gaskill recently confirmed to ‘The Drum Shuffle’ podcast that they are preparing to enter the studio to begin working on their new album, which could be released sometime next year.

Gaskill stated:

“We are definitely talking about it, and we are actually making plans. And so, most likely, there will be a new record, possibly even next year.” He added that King’s X are “always writing” new music, and that he and his bandmates have “gone past the pre-discussion stage” and are now “maybe in the full discussion stage.” He explained: “So I think that’s kind of where we’re at – maybe a little bit past the discussion stage. But there’s no time limit, there’s no pressure. It will happen when it happens, but… it’s gonna happen, and I think soon.”



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