PRIMAL FEAR Sign With Nuclear Blast

Primal Fear and Nuclear Blast have teamed up once again. The relationship between the German metal commandos and the label from southern Germany goes back over 20 years, since Primal Fear released their self-titled debut in February 1998 via Nuclear Blast. The record hit the top 50 in the German “Media Control” charts where it stayed for a sensational three weeks. They later released classics such as Jaws Of Death (1999), Nuclear Fire (2001), Black Sun (2002), Devil‘s Ground (2004) and Seven Seals (2005) before parting ways with Nuclear Blast for a while and releasing another six very successful albums, including their recent top ten record Apocalypse.

Founding member of the band Mat Sinner commented:

“We are coming home to the No. 1 metal label and we‘re really looking forward to working with Markus Staiger and his team. All the incredibly positive reactions to the most recent PF album »Apocalypse« from fans and the press have been a great motivation for us to get started with songwriting for another amazing new album, in collaboration with Nuclear Blast“

Markus Staiger, owner of Nuclear Blast is just as pleased and stated:

“We had a perfect start back then; all the metal fans were hungry for some traditional heavy metal. Together we realised six excellent albums and had a really exciting time. Even during the time after »Seven Seals« the contact and amity between us and the band never ended. In the end, it was the last few Primal Fear albums that really convinced me, so we started discussing a new contract and I‘m happy that we reached an agreement quite fast and without complications. I think that Primal Fear are one of the most powerful and innovative metal bands in Europe and I love their unique, massive and heavy sound. Also, it‘s really impressive how Primal Fear have never lost any of their quality and have never stopped being an awesome live act over the last 20 years.“



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