MINSK Release New Track

linois-based post-metal crew Minsk are teaming up with fellow Swiss metallers Zatokrev for a new album split release, BIGOD. Now, Minsk premiere a brand new song, “The Chalice And The Dagger”, summoning walls of doomy guitar and strong, melodic vocals over a slow-burning six minutes. BIGOD will be out in stores October 5th through Consouling Sounds.

“The Chalice And The Dagger” is a snapshot into the world of paradox,” Minsk explain. “Life is a disgusting grind, yet our experience vibrates with ecstasy and potentiality. This song hopes to present the hymn of the out-lier; with the ragged beauty of navigating through the margins of existence. Interpretation is invalid without context, and this song hopes to touch on the uncharted, and the established. It sits within the entirety of BIGOD as one section of four, with all parts necessary to the whole.”



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