MOURNING BELOVETH Belgian Show Cancelled

Irish death doom metallers Mourning Beloveth were supposed to play a concert in the Belgian town of Westerlo with support from Marche Funèbre. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled, due to problems with the promoter.

The band explained:

“Unfortunately due to a lack of faith in the original promoter answering emails, much less promoting the show or fulfilling our contract, our planned show later this month in Belgium with our comrades Marche Funèbre has been cancelled. Our sincerest apologies to anyone who was hoping to see us, we are just as disappointment with this outcome. In the end, it was beyond our control. We hope to see all our Belgian friends in 2019. Mourning Beloveth will still preform as planned at both Mourning Beloveth + Phlebotomized | Baroeg on Friday 19.10, and at Into the Void 2018 on Saturday 20.10.”

Marche Funèbre said:

“Unfortunately our show next week with our friends in Mourning Beloveth has been cancelled 😥 All tickets that have been sold by us will be refunded asap.”

Marche Funèbre’s following Belgian gigs are:
14/oct Marche Funèbre 10 years anniversary w Psychonaut, Faal and more
11/nov Armistice Doom Fest with Pantheist, Rome in Monochrome and more


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