Former GHOST Members Lose Lawsuit Against Tobias Forge

The lawsuit brought against Ghost band leader Tobias Forge by four former band members or “Nameless Ghouls” has been dismissed by the Swedish court system.

The four plaintiffs, who were forced to reveal their identities as a result of filing the lawsuit (Simon Söderberg (guitars, “Alpha,” 2010 – 2016), Mauro Rubino (keyboards, “Air,” 2011 – 2016), Henrik Palm (guitar, “Ether,” 2015 – 2016) and Martin Hjertstedt (drums, “Earth,” 2014 – 2016) were also ordered to reimburse Forge for 1.3 million Swedish Kronor in legal fees (approximately $145,000 USD; Forge originally sought 2 million Kronor, or about $225,000 USD, but the court settled on a more “reasonable” number).

The ex-band members brought the suit against Forge in April of 2017 alleging that he did not share band profits with them despite an agreement that the band was an equal partnership. Forge asserted that the band was never a partnership and that the other members were always hired guns.


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