ANGELMAKER Forced To Drop Off Bloodletting North America Tour

Bloodletting North America Tour has lost another band from their lineup. AngelMaker have made the announcement that due to a medical emergency, they have been forced to drop off the rest of the tour.

The band also state that multiple events that took place before the tour starts have also factored into this decision, including guitarist Matt Perrin’s apartment catching fire.

Previously, Decrepit Birth had been forced to drop from the tour a couple days in after frontman Bill Robinson broke his leg stage-diving.

AngelMaker’s full statement was posted on their Facebook, and reads as follows:

“To say it’s been a rough couple months would be an understatement.
It is now with much regret and heavy hearts, we are forced to pull off of the remaining Blood Letting Tour dates due to a SERIOUS medical emergency.

Previous to heading out on tour, Mike unexpectedly lost his younger brother as well as Matt having his apartment complex catch fire, both within the month before tour was to start.

We gathered ourselves up and pushed onward to be present and play for you all every night despite the many difficulties. This included Decrepit Birth having to pulling off the tour only two days into the run after Bill shattered his femur at a show. From cancelled shows, to venue changes, we pushed onward. Unfortunately, last night we received more bad news and now must return home as quickly as possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we are immensely sorry as we never intend to let anyone down. Our love and support goes out to the rest of the tour package, they are all our brothers and we hope the rest of tour goes as great as possible. We will keep you all updated in due course. We love you and thank you for the endless support and understanding. ❤️”



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