INTERRUPTING COW Members Lay Project To Rest

Deathcore band Interrupting Cow have finally laid the project to rest. Instead, the members will continue under a new name, QUEEN KONA.

The full statement from Interrupting Cow reads as follows:

“It has been quite a journey over the years. Thank you everyone for your support and anticipation of our projects and music, for your sharing and word-of-mouth advertising, for your purchases and your love. You’ve made us continue to want to make more music and new projects to this day.

We hope you enjoyed this ride. We’ve received so much criticism in this group due to production quality, song writing abilities, and stupid names. You’ve all turned a for-fun gig into something special. Do us a favor, and help us turn our new, mature, and more serious group into something even bigger. Follow the journey with us while this one dies, at QUEEN KONA .

This page will be removed shortly. We will not remove our BandCamp nor our music from streaming platforms.”

Interrupting Cow formed in 2008, and over the 8 years the band was active, they released multiple EP’s and albums with a good variety in their sound. While it’s sad to see the project end, I’m excited to see what will come with QUEEN KONA.



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