DESECRAVITY To Release New Album

Technical brutal death metal band Desecravity have revealed that their new album, “Anathema”, will be released on January 25th, 2019, via Willowtip Records. On top of the album announcement, the band has also released a new track, titled “Impure Confrontation”.

The official announcement from Willowtips Records reads as follows: “NEW DESECRAVITY ALBUM “ANATHEMA” WILL BE OUT ON 25th JANUARY 2019 VIA WILLOWTIP

From the “Land of the Rising Sun” Japanese technical brutal death metal DESECRAVITY have returned with their newest and arguably most devastating album ANATHEMA.
The record was mixed and mastered at Unisound Studio by the mighty Dan Swanö and shows the band returning to their filthy, pulverizing, classic and ultra technical sound; a pure whirlwind of musical ferocity and auditory savagery that cannot be missed!

A music video for the new track “Impure Confrontation” is available here:

Track List:
1. Aeon and Ashes
2. Impure Confrontation
3. Ominous Harbinger
4. Deprivation of Liberty
5. Bloodthirsty Brutes
6. Secret Disloyalty
7. Devoured The Psyche
8. Beheaded White Queen

Line up:
Yuichi Kudo (Drums)
Daisuke Ichiboshi (Bass)
Yujiro Suzuki (Vocals, Guitar)
Yuya Takeda (Guitar)

Follow the band at:

Follow Willowtip at:”


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