technical death metal

ABIOTIC – Ikigai

As we say goodbye to 2020 which was one of the hardest times in history, that didn’t stop the music scene for creating such wonderful albums to enjoy on our spare time. That being said, I like [click to continue]

EMBODIMENT – Palingenesis

When you think of United Kingdom you think of the essential bands coming out of that country ranging anywhere from The Who, The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and course the legendary Black Sabbath to [click to continue]

CYTOTOXIN – Nuklearth

Germany’s Cytotoxin is a band that are putting their name out there in the technical brutal death metal department and with Nuklearth released through the mighty label of Unique Leader Records, [click to continue]

AHTME – Mephitic

Formed in 2015 from Kansas City, Missouri, Ahtme are a technical death metal band to unleash carnage and blisteringly heavy signatures of extreme music with 2020’s Unique Leader Records [click to continue]