BLACK CROWN INITIATE Release Statement About Lineup Change

Black Crown Initiate have recently undergone a major lineup change, with guitarist Wes Haunch and drummer Jesse Beahler being replaced by Ethan McKenna and Samuel Santiago respectively. While not a whole lot is known about exactly when or why Wes and Jesse left the band, Black Crown Initiate have released a statement on the matter

“Hey y’all! If any of you have seen our recent shows, you may have noticed some lineup changes. It is true that Jesse and Wes are no longer in the band, but there is zero bad blood. They are both still are dear buddies, and with the ridiculous amount of talent they both possess, we have no doubt that you’ll be hearing from them real soon! That being said, we are extremely excited to welcome Sam Santiago and Ethan Mckenna to Black Crown Initiate. You might know Sam from his work with Gorod, Beyond Creation, Arkhon Infaustus, and others, and he is doing an amazing job beating the tubs for us. Ethan Mckenna is a Reading, Pa based guitar wizard, and he was actually the first guitarist ever asked to join the band when Andy, Nick, and James put Black Crown together in 2012. Things change, grow, and come full circle, and we intend to deliver a killer new album and get back into your beautiful faces as soon as possible. Stay tuned and thanks!
-The Böys”

As of now, it is unclear if Jesse and Wes appear on any material the band recorded recently.


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