OVNEV Provide Update On Third Album

Atmospheric black metal project Ovnev has shed light on the status of their next studio album. The one man project, headed up by West Maddox posted the following statement on the band’s Facebook page:

“Just a quick update:

All guitars and bass are recorded for 3 songs. I am getting ready to start recording the 4th and maybe final song for the 3rd full length but just may add one more. I am taking my time with this release and only recording when strong inspiration hits. I expect it to be finished this year.

All of these songs are around 10 minutes long with the thick wall of riffs, melodies and acoustic guitars you have come to expect from Ovnev.

Another journey awaits and the atmosphere will consume you once again.


Ovnev’s last release, “Incalescence”, was released via Naturmacht Productions in 2017.


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