Formed in 2014, from Odessa, Texas, Crafting The Conspiracy are a upcoming deathcore/melodic death metal band who takes many Influences from In Flames, So This Is Suffering, The Black Dahlia Murder, Fallujah and Thy Art Is Murder. The Cosmic Key Part I is a album filled with musical brilliance well as amazing craftsmanship as you can easily tell the members have studied and crafted a EP that’s extremely heavy, aggressive and overall the compositions alongside the instrumentals have set themselves sky high to be a potential band years from now to inspire and motivate the scene.

This EP also has special guests including Enterprise Earth’s Dan Watson and well as Ben Duerr from Hollow Prophet and Shadow Of Intent. This EP is a headbanging, guitar driven, thunderous and galloping drum sounding and well produced vocals to extreme signatures all surrounded by their natural sound influencing the Gothenburg melodic death metal days well as keeping the deathcore-esque style alive. There’s breakneck riffing, astonishing harmonies reminiscent the imagerys of beautifully written songwriting and thunderous drumming and production aforementioned still commands the very respectable audiences together to form a album unfairly maligned in musical form done perfectly well. Vocals are top notch, drumming is hard hitting and heaviness all around, glass shattering wielding guitar structures of balancing solos in between the instrumentals providing a complimentary act beneath the metallic surfaces of the stronger and well deserved offerings possible. If you’re fans of deathcore and paying tribute to the Swedish melodic death metal scene, The Cosmic Key Part I by all means, is a bloody damn good release!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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