There are many bands out there who either sound the same or just don’t do their own sound but that is not a problem with DISPERSION. The Italian Post-Black Metal group have only been active since December of last year and have already made an impact on the music scene. The three-piece released a two track (eighteen minutes of pure art and power) recently and it is just not long enough because it will leave you begging for more from the group.

The songs have everything needed and wanted in a full length let alone two tracks. The release goes through some epic phases such as catching you off guard with the raw black metal aggression then transitioning into almost a hypnotic instrumental riff and right back into the void of power. Acoustic interludes arise at the perfect times to capture the listener in their snare before diving into an almost ambient and depressive black metal riff. Not one second is the feeling of the music lost in this album.

If personally asked on my opinion of this release, I would say everyone needs a copy of this release and when is the next release because I am eager to hear more from them. The composition is spot on, the riffs are unique and memorable, the vocals are full of emotion and power and just everything comes together perfectly. I suggest everyone gets over to their Bandcamp and gets a copy because you will not be disappointed. Dispersion has plenty of potential to be a force to be reckoned with.








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