DIRGE Announce Break-Up

After 25 years, seven studio albums, with their latest – Lost Empyrean – released just recently in December, French metallers Dirge have decided to put an end to their existence. The official statement from the band can be read below.

Statement from the band:

“Dirge is no more. 25 years sharp after its foundation, we have decided to put an end to the Dirge experience. We are aware that such a statement can sound sudden and brutal two months after the release of our brand new album, but we’re convinced this is the right thing to do.

“First of all, we feel we have achieved with Lost Empyrean everything we wanted to with this band; we have pushed our music to what we consider to be its climax, both in substance and form. From the very beginning to this very day, we have remained true and faithful to our philosophy, sticking to this costless ideal of freedom and boundless will, even if this often meant staying under the radars and out of the alternative (actually very “corporate”) networks. The decision to end everything follows that logic of honesty. Honesty with us, honesty with you all. When all is said and done, there is no point to pursue the path.

“Of course we could have played some more shows before quitting but, to be quite honest, we are more than tired of DIYing almost everything in term of concerts and tours and we simply don’t want to burn time, money and energy in such consuming plans anymore. Here lies another reason to stop. Ceasing Dirge has been a strong and difficult decision to make, and it means a lot to us. But despite the pride and joy of completion, we can no longer ignore fatigue and discouragement after so many years.

“So yes, the time has come. And we think the greatest thing to do is to stop while we’re still standing. Dirge is no more, its legacy is now yours.”


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