SONATA ARCTICA Set To Tour Europe Later This Year

Sonata Arctica are proud to announce ‘The Raven Still Flies Over Europe’ tour for November and December this year. This one will follow their North American trek, which begins on the exact same date when the new album Talviyö will be unleashed, September 6th.

The band states:

“After working our asses off since last summer with our new album, we finally got it done and now is the time to go back out on the road with some exciting new material and new shenanigans and what have you.

“Last spring we had a really amazing time touring in Europe with the acoustic stuff and I’m sure it will be just as fun to come back once again and make some new memories together. We got a couple of killer support bands with us, so there’s definitely some great nights ahead for all of us. Cheers!”


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