SKÁLMÖLD Decide To Go On Hiatus At End Of The Year

Icelandic viking folk metal sailors Skálmöld have decided to go on a break at the end of 2019 for an indefinite amount of time. In a period of ten years, the band produced five studio albums and played numerous shows across the globe. You can read the full statement from the band below.

Official statement from the band:

“Skálmöld is officially going on a break when the year 2019 comes to an end for as long as we feel we need to. There is no drama, this is simply the right thing to do at this moment. 10 years of hard work take their toll, other projects have been put on hold, both personal stuff and professional and now it’s time to take on those tasks.

“We are going to throw one last party around winter solstice so mark December 21st in your calendar, book your flights to Reykjavík, Iceland and celebrate with us. This will be a gathering unlike anything else, something we will announce very soon. Thanks for an incredible decade. Our little hobby band grew into a huge monster and now that monster needs to rest.”


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