KÖMMAND – Savage Overkill

Pacific Northwest scene as a whole is absolutely killing it and it makes me a proud resident living in Washington State. Kömmand are a black/thrash metal band who’s taking the genre to a whole new level. If you know the earliest days from Destroyer 666, Gospel Of The Horns, Aura Noir, Absu, Sodom and Goatwhore but with a much more anti-religious themed style of black and thrash metal, Kömmand is certainly worth the time to listen. Savage Overkill is the second full-length from Washington State’s Kömmand whom I was fortunate enough to catch these guys live at Goat Fest VI little over a month ago and they immediately won me over as a fan who’s not extremely familiar with their music but this time around, I’m glad I heard the album in its entirety. Savage Overkill is a nine track, 40 minute onslaught that’s arguably the band’s symbolic, diabolical, intricate and melodious albums throughout their catalog.

The combinations of aggressive melodies, harmonized and unsympathetic vocal delivery, relenting bass and monstrous drums these musicians have brought surely captivated that blackened death, thrash and extreme metal atmosphere to decipher a unpredictable, Satanic and rebellious album that just punches you right in the jaw to Satan’s corridor. Lyrically, Kömmand discusses Armageddon and darkness all created an album so triumphantly magnificent that their contributions for adding three multiple genres is seemingly surprised considered this band’s been around since 2013 only releasing a demo and two full-length releases all together to form a wave of darkness and a unholy trinity to keep their style more fairly creative and curtained.

If you’re fans of Nocturnal Graves, Destroyer 666, Gospel Of The Horns, Toxic Holocaust and first two Venom releases with a blackened death/thrash/extreme and hint of blasphemous atmospheric passages Savage Overkill is an album you should do yourselves favor and witness their finest achievement to bring destructive musical prodigies.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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