UNFLESH – Inhumation

If Dissection, Necrophobic, Necrophagist, Emperor, Obscura and Revocation all had a baby in the same place, Unflesh‘s style of melodic/technical death metal is the band you definitely need to check out. When I first heard about this band through my social medias and saw the artwork, I immediately jumped the gun and became hooked immediately just hearing a band rise up from the underground and have sold me immensely on just how magnificently crafted Inhumation really is. From the band’s heavy emphasis on traditional melodic death metal passages, blackened style compositions, progressive undertones and hooks to the eviscerated instrumentals sounding fiercer as ever before, this album to me is perhaps one of the most groundbreaking and solidified albums I’ve heard in 2021.

Musically and sonically speaking, this album is fully dedicated to the European and American influenced style of extreme metal but with their way combining various genres of melodic, black, technical and death metal with little showers of progressive death tones, this album also captures the most comprehensive, compelling and astonishing musical journeys I’ve had the pleasure listening to it front to back and kept wanting more and more. Tracks such as Amongst Horrors I Must Dwell, Dehumanized Legion, and Vast Forest Of Impaled Cadavers for example created a much more diverse and dynamic atmosphere where these songs take many characteristics and genres to such great heights due to the simplicity and its nature which the album artwork itself alone portrays a lingering, haunting and creepiness to make spines shivering and teeth shattering on how bone crushing the tracks are complimenting each other which makes this record extremely flourished and flawless.

Right off the bat, the overall sounds is wonderful as it transitioned into a much more creative and incredibly mixed songs brings out whole new dynamics for these musicians whom brings the musicianship, dynamism and progressions to such great heights that any fans of extreme music will definitely enjoy this album front to finish without any hesitation. The members from Unflesh have once again proved themselves that technical death metal is not about complexity, it’s about showcasing the musician’s talent. This album has brutality, technicality and progressive structures just perfectly without any sorts of the instrumentals feeling forcefully rushed or hesitated by the album’s interpretation. That being said, Inhumation is one of the most versatile, artistic and creative albums from a self released band I’ve got to hear in 2021 and I strongly recommend this album if you’re fans of Obscura, Revocation, Arsis, Necrophagist, Necrophobic and Naglfar with a compulsive style of melodic and blackened death metal should not be slept on.




Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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