NECROMANTIA To Release Last EP & Disband

Following the sad news of Baron Blood’s passing, legendary Hellenic black metal group Necromantia have announced the release of a new EP in 2020, entitled Baron Blood, as a tribute to the late bass player. It will be the band’s final release since frontman Magus has decided to put an end to Necromantia’s existence.

The Magus commented:

“There will be a final recording of Necromantia in 2020. It will be an EP entitled Baron Blood. I do not know how many songs, 2 or 3. It will be a final tribute to Baron Blood for his spirit and restless soul. Afterwards Necromantia will be officially disbanded, therefore there will be no more releases or re-releases beyond December 31, 2020. After this date Necromantia will be no more.”


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