It’s not very often when a band like Warforged combines elements of technical death, blackened and progressive death metal signatures but also they really seem to capture emotion and captivation with 2019’s debut full-length of I: Voice. This record has strangely understandable vocals, demented lyrics, technical drumming, dark, eerie and grand classical-inspired guitar melodies, natural basslines and demanding Technical Death Metal blind-sided skilled musicians, I: Voice is often stated to be a record about skill, perfection and understanding each musicians to showcase many talents upon hearing the album front to back.

From its artistic prowess, harmonic minor scales, neo-classical influenced form of music and has tonality of baroque music structures all respectively played as a resemblance to save and construct aspects what you’ll hear upon this beautiful album. Every track, diversity and multiple complex manifesting brutality pictures a painting so deeply that the direction Warforged took with I: Voice really seem to take many inspirations for death metal and classical music defined a feature so memorable that the ideas, philosophy and insane technicality atmospheres are unmatched, emotional and mind-bending across profound impact.

While combining legitimate and excellent boundaries of new heights, Incurso creates mysterious, occultist and a terrifying imagery that reflects and contributes a intelligent piece of work reassuring achievements and exquisite musical capabilities that not only the songwriting and arrangements are pure brilliance, but Warforged’s I: Voice really satisfies a scrupulous artifact so standard that there’s no reason not to appreciate the beauty of this fascinating album. Fans of Fallujah, Enfold Darkness, The Zenith Passage and The Faceless will absolutely get a kick out of Warforged’s I: Voice which is a modern death metal essential that’ll capture brilliance, imaginative thoughts and creativity all around.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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